The Hague NL
NL +31 627500364
ITA +39 3488805194

"Tin Drum Company is a collective of different disciplines that invoke performative arts, which work alongside and with each other. Having a broad range of disciplines and social backgrounds this company distinguishes itself through the methodology of collaboration.
Upholding the philosophy that all creative input from the members are taken into consideration and carefully explored, creating a harmonious and non-hierarchical relationship. The aim is thus to recognize the individuality of ones approach by beholding everyone in the company as a creative director. [...]"

a part of the crew from Tin Drum Company preparing for the shooting of Broca Pilota in August 2017

Tin Drum Company is a newly born initiative mainly active in The Hague, The Netherlands.
I worked in the years 2016/2017 with Tin Drum Company as creative assistant and lights assistant.
Arjan: +31642634749