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Sottovento, Sopravento, Sottovento (literally: “alee, upwind, alee”) is a collection of selected projects I worked on during my five-years training path in the visual arts, which has begun and developed mostly in The Netherlands.
Departed Italy with a background in the field of textile design and a few years of experience in the environments of contemporary theatre and dance, I have immersed myself in the atmosphere of the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts of The Hague and made use of the big variety of workshops it offers and the tutoring of renowned international contemporary creatives it put me in touch with, until I was able to realize collective projects and art initiatives independently.
Sottovento, Sopravento, Sottovento is made of all the mediums I have explored which have brought my interest for the aesthetics of the performative world to new dimensions. It stretches from painting to photography, from printing to sound making, from sculpture to video work, from interactive installations to prose. Many projects are based on collaborative experiences.
Using the relationship between the human presence and its surroundings as a tool, I talk about my journey through the idea of identity and belonging, here in a very introspective way, there touching actual topics which I feel sensitive to. I question the worldly concept of migration, and my personal connection to my roots and beliefs, in a daily deep contemplation of the power of resilience.

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